Conference Academic & Social Programmes


The conference is held from 14th to 16th March 2018.

Plese find below details on both the Academic and Social programmes.

Last update: 08/03/2018

Conference programme (click on top-right corner to enlarge):

Book of abstracts (click on top-right corner to enlarge, print or download):

Plenary Sessions:

Speaker Title
Ute Smit 

(U. Vienna)

smit (Custom) ‘ROAD-MAPPING’ as a (re)framing tool for EMI interactional research
Mark Levy

(British Council, Madrid)

levy (Custom) What are the key factors in effective bilingual (or CLIL) programmes: What we’ve learned over 20 years
Ana Ruiz

(U. Autónoma Madrid)

anaruiz2 Repensar el multilingüismo desde la investigación intercultural
Emma Dafouz

(U. Complutense Madrid)

dafouz (Custom) Researching language policies & professional
development in the international university


Instructor Title
Arantxa Ruiz

(U. Cantabria)

arantxaruiz (Custom) Marco Común de Competencia Digital Docente

Round tables:

Empirical studies in bilingualism
dafouz (Custom) llurda (Custom) smit (Custom)
Emma Dafouz (U. Complutense Madrid)  Enric Llurda (U. Lleida)  Ute Smit (U. Vienna)
Retos pendientes: AICLE/CLIL en la universidad
fortanet (Custom) cots  yolandaruiz
 Inmaculada Fortanet (U. Jaume I, Castellón) Josep-Maria Cots (U. Lleida)  Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe (U.  Basque Country)
Política lingüística de la Consejería de Educación y Cultura de Asturias
 francisco_laviana  maria_cao
Francisco Óscar Laviana Corte (Director General de Ordenación Académica e Innovación Educativa PPAA) María Cao Fernández (Coord. Programa bilingüe, IES La Corredoria, Oviedo)
 angel_balea maria_cao
Ángel Balea Vázquez (Jefe del Servicio de Evaluación Educativa PPAA) Ángela Álvarez-Cofiño Martínez (Coord. Dpto. Inglés, CP Ventanielles, Oviedo)

Social Programme:

14th March: Walking tour around Oviedo city centre and old quarter.

On 14th March, after the sessions end, delegates can visit Oviedo city centre and old quarter on a free-of-charge guided tour. The early nineteenth-century city centre is full of iconic locations, while the more medieval old town is well kept. The Cathedral displays an array of architectural styles, from Pre-Romanesque to Baroque. Two tours are provided, one in Spanish and another in English. Those interested must e-mail the organizers on or before 3rd March.

15th March: Conference dinner.

Delegates can opt for participation in the Conference dinner, to be held on 15th March. It will be a traditional Asturian “espicha” in a local restaurant. It is a festive, informal gathering where natural apple cider is served, as well as wine and other non-alcoholic drinks. Not set in courses, it includes a wide range of local dishes to choose from, such as cider chorizo, serrano ham,  boiled ham, a cheese selection, hard-boiled eggs with salt and paprika, Spanish omelette, a selection of pies, battered cod, and more. Those who did not pay upon registration (30€) and are still interested must e-mail the organizers on or before 2nd March.









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