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Se ruega lean los detalles sobre la Petición de Ponencias que se encuentran en PDF a la derecha. Pueden enviar sus propuestas a, o usar el formulario abajo expuesto, antes del 30 de septiembre de 2017. Please read the details on the Call for Papers, which can be found on the menu on the... Continue Reading →


Conference Academic & Social Programmes

The conference is held from 14th to 16th March 2018. Details on both the Academic and Social programmes will be published here once the registration process starts in November.   Plenary Sessions: Ute Smit – Language Policy (U. Wien) Emma Dafouz – Bilingual and Multilingual Education (U. Complutense Madrid) Ana Ruiz – Interculturality (Autonomous U. of... Continue Reading →

Registration and Fees

  Registration starts in November 2017. Fees vary according to the delegate type:   Early-bird (Deadline) Full (Deadline) Paper/ Poster  100 € (31/12/2017)  120 € (31/01/2018) Attendee only 50 € (31/12/2017)  65 € (02/03/2018) U. Oviedo student (2017-2018) With UO ID 25 € (02/03/2018)   Certificates will be awarded to presenters. Likewise, 30-hour attendance certificates... Continue Reading →


The abstracts and/or extended summaries of the proposals accepted will be published as an e-book with ISBN (not proceedings) by the Publication Service of the University of Oviedo. A selection of papers will be published in a collection edited in paper with ISBN by the prestigious specialised editorial Peter Lang. To this end, a revision... Continue Reading →

Comité Organizador y Científico / Organizing and Scientific Committee / Comité d’Organisation et Comité Scientifique / Organisationskomitee und Wissenschaftlicher Beirat

Comité Organizador / Organizing  Committee / Comité d'Organisation / Organisationskomitee Comité Científico / Scientific Committee / Comité Scientifique / Wissenschaftlicher Beirat Bárbara Heinsch (U. Oviedo) Antonio Jiménez Muñoz (U. Oviedo) Ana Lahuerta Martínez (U. Oviedo) Nieves Rodríguez Pérez (U. Oviedo) Ana Bocanegra Valle (U. Cádiz) Michael Byram (U. Durham, UK) Víctor Coto Ordás (U. Oviedo)... Continue Reading →

Travel and accommodation

The Conference is held at the Convention and Exhibition Centre in the city of Oviedo, in the North of Spain. The city can be easily reached by plane, train or road.   By plane Asturias airport (OVD) is in Santiago del Monte, 30 mins away from the city (using A8 dual highway). It has direct flights... Continue Reading →

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